Modern Medicine Fights Back

Historically there has been an unfortunate a tendency for legitimate medical science to shy away from commenting on the state of of medical quackery, letting the general public forge for themselves, wading through mounds of confusing research papers and often dishonest propaganda. This trend appears to be turning around:

“Following a year-long undercover investigation by a reporter, the British Medical Association has determined that “gay conversion therapy” is not therapy, is more harmful to patients than helpful, and should be banned.”

This is great news, but it has been a long time coming considering that “Gay Conversion Therapy” has never had any basis in a modern understanding of homosexuality.

This is quickly following news that the British Medical Association voted that Homeopathy, the practice of watering down real medicine until it’s indistinguishable from tap water, needs to be controlled as well:

“The NHS should stop funding homeopathy and it should no longer be marketed as a medicine in pharmacies, doctors say.”

These are both great pieces of news. Now we need doctors in American to stand up and take a stand against illegitimate medical practices.

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