Gray Barker

Ever hear of this guy?

Quite an interesting fellow. He is pretty much solely responsible for the modern UFO belief system. The famous “sightings”, Roswell and the Kenneth Arnold “flying disc”, had already happened, but Gray really took the ball and ran with it: he published a newsletter filled with as much hokum as he could imagine; he faked several UFO films using models and forced perspective; every time a notable believer died, he claimed they were knocked off by the government; and he invented the Men in Black out of whole cloth. Quite a successful guy.

There is a Play Now documentary on him at Netflix called Shades of Gray that I would recommend. The pace is a bit slow, but it features many people involved in the game without their game face on.

I suspect that the ubiquitous space aliens “The Grays” are named after him, as a little wink and a nod to Mr Barker.

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