Modern Christian Mythology: Backwards Satanic Messages

Backwards Satanic Messages

The myth that rock bands, particularity the really loud ones that parents hated already, were such technological geniuses that they could hide secret satanic messages in their music that could only be detected by playing the record backward was exceedingly popular when I was growing up.Which just goes to show you, no matter how many drugs rock bands pump into their bodies, they will never be able to match the pure imagination of a small town preacher with too much time on their hands.

Oddly enough, though, this story not only gave me a reason to listen to Led Zeppelin, it eventually turned me into a huge fan of theirs.

Stairway to Heaven

Sounds pretty creepy. Probably because it’s all backwards.

What would even have to be true for this to work?
1. Subliminal messages would have to work
2. People would have to be able to decipher voices played backwards

As far as I’ve ever learned, both are false. The most famous story of subliminal messages, of course, is the story about a New Jersey movie theater that played Coke and popcorn subliminal messages during a movie, causing sales of those products to sky rocket. Good story. Unfortunately, it’s pure fiction:

Subliminal entrepreneurs are holdovers from the heyday of strict Freudian views of the unconscious, which most scientific psychologists have long abandoned …

Writer Vance Packard popularized the view of the unconscious in is 1957 smash bestseller, The Hidden Persuaders. Packard accepted uncritically the story of marketing consultant James Vicary, who supposedly conducted a successful demonstration of subliminal advertising at a Fort Lee, New Jersey movie theatre. … After much criticism, Vicary finally admitted in 1962 that he’d made up the whole story in an effort to revive his failing consulting business.

-50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology, Myth#5, Subliminal Messages

But, of course, it’s probably just Satan making us think that it’s all hooey. Because, the grand master of evil has to resort to cheap tricks and shiny lights to win souls.

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