(Another) sex scandal for the RCC?

I guess it’s true what they say, no one knows how to party like Catholic priests.

“Investigative journalist Carmelo Abbate spent 20 days undercover posing as the boyfriend of a man who ran in gay clerical circles, secretly videotaping the sexual escapades of three Rome-based priests. Abbate caught the priests on hidden camera dirty dancing at private parties and engaging in sex acts with male escorts on church property. He also caught them emerging from dark bedrooms in time to celebrate mass. “

For some, though, this is old news. It looks as though, within the close vicinity of the Vatican, it’s what we would call a very public secret:

“For residents of Rome, the sight of courting priests is hardly an anomaly. The phenomenon is a well-known secret here, and one that was largely ignored until last weekend, when the Italian weekly magazine Panorama published a shocking exposé called “Le Notti Brave Dei Preti Gay,” or “Good Nights Out for Gay Priests.”

There is, of course, no problem with the priests being gay in and of itself. Homosexual attraction is a common feature of the animal kingdom, including mankind. The problem is one of hypocrisy. The RCC takes a very firm stance against gay rights in their theology, even one of a demeaning nature. Vatican documents have called gay individual’s sexual orientation an “evil tendency”, leading to deep feelings of shame, yet the institution has many gay priests within
it’s walls. The RCC also takes a firm stance against sex outside of marriage, yet there are many promiscuous priests. If there own members cannot follow their rules …

But, these are some of the cognitive dissonance one can have when one chooses to take prime directives from
invisible entities and 2,000 year old superstitions. Awareness of the natural state of homosexual behavior has been common place for decades, and any institution with even a passing interest in sexual nature should be well aware of that. There is literally no excuse other than self imposed ignorance for their demeaning attitude toward homosexuality.

“The Vatican says that the offending priests from Abbate’s story will be sought out and stripped of their collars.”

Or, they could change their stupid anti-gay bigotry and their requirement for celibacy, which is after all easily waved for any clergy that has converted to Catholicism after becoming married. And, isn’t it odd that they seem so intent on getting rid of gay priests right away, but when it came to children being raped they have been dragging their feet for decades? Not exactly a stance that leads one to believe that they hold even their own claims of morality seriously. But, the illusion of morality seems to be enough to keep the pews filled.

Beyond all the boring talk of “morals”, “hypocrisy”, and “public trust”, though, the church also appears to be missing out on some great opportunities for fund raising. Sex tourism. What church going Catholic hasn’t wanted to fuck in St. Peter’s Basilica. They could rent it out (on non-Sundays, of course) on a per hour schedule for some big bucks. Hedonism Rome? People pay big money for that shit.

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