Tim LaHaye’s Obsession with the Apocalyspe

Tim LaHaye has the Apocalyspe on his mind. A lot. He first published on it in 1972 with his book The Beginning of the End, followed by Revelation: Illustrated and Made Plain, Rapture Under Attack, and recently the Left Behind and Babylon Rising series of pulp novels. Now I love post-apocalyptic fiction as much as the next guy, perhaps more. But, when ancient myth starts sounding like reality to you, it’s time to see a doctor.

Recently Tim appeared on Mike Huckster Huckabee’s talk show and, , he exclaiming that Barack Obama was bringing us closer to the Apocalypse.

“It’s going to work against our country and bringing us closer to the apocalypse.”

Huckabee went on to prod LaHaye a bit further on his assertion. “Are we now living in the end times, from your perspective?” asked the former Arkansas Governor and possible 2012 White House contender.

LaHaye’s response: “Very definitely, governor.”

Now, perhaps Time wasn’t aware that talk shows get recorded and aired and you’re not supposed to say just anything that enters your mind, but there seems to be a wide open doorway leading straight from his subconscious to his mouth (by way of his foot, not doubt).

Personally, I’m most surprised that LaHaye is so impressed with Obama’s performance. I fail to see the President accomplishing much of anything so far, much less changing Yahweh’s master plan for the universe. But, maybe he is the over achiever we all hoped he might be.

LeHaye’s brand of crazy is nutty and I take him just a little less serious that a nut standing on the street corner wearing a “The End is Near” sandwich board. At least making a sandwich board takes a degree of skill. But, Fox News is giving a voice to these delusional doomsday prophets and people take them seriously, for some unknown reason. Looks like wearing cheap suits and publishing paperbacks can buy a lot of credibility.

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3 Comments on “Tim LaHaye’s Obsession with the Apocalyspe”

  1. well, according to an article on PZ Myer’s site, the end times is not projected for May 2011. I was going to raise the contract fee for my Eternal Earth-Bound Pets post rapture pet rescue site prior to the Dec. 21 2012 Mayan calendar expiration hysteria, but I better do it earlier.
    For as long as religion has existed, and for as long as it continues to do so, there will be entreprenurial douchebags like LeHaye taking advantage of the numbed brain cells of the easily led mindless sheep.

  2. sorry… should read: “… the end times is NOW projected for May 2011”

  3. Victor Says:

    Damn, I was banking on the 2012 date. Gotta get moving on those home projects.

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