Corpse Flowers, What Are They Good For?

Absolutely nothing, huh!

The wife and I were having dinner with a friend prior to visiting the nearby college to witness the slow and stinky blooming of an Indonesian “Corpse Flower” when we all remarked at how often people ask the question, “What is it good for?” whenever a unique species is brought up.

It is an odd question, and does seem to be strictly a Christian one. It’s implication is, “How does it serve man?” or more to the point, “How does it serve me?”

Well, it doesn’t. Perhaps god created a big useless stinky plant as the world’s first fart joke. Don’t think god can tell a fart joke? Of course he can, god can do anything.

This anthropocentric  point of view is a product of a “god made the earth for us” philosophy present in the Pentateuch:

Out of the ground the LORD God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food;

-Genesis 2:9a, NASV

It does, however, have absolutely nothing to do with how we understand the world to work today. No special creation, no made in the image of a perfect deity. We are merely another animal species on the planet. A smart one, true, but an animal all the same. The rest of the world is not made for us any more than it is made for a garden slug.

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2 Comments on “Corpse Flowers, What Are They Good For?”

  1. Kassul Says:

    I get a fair amount of that at work when some new bit of science hits the news. -_-

    “So, what is this going to mean for me? And how soon?”

    We do tend to be a fairly narcissistic bunch as a general rule don’t we? Exceptions abound of course, but looking out for #1 seems to be pretty high on The List of Things To Do. Nor all that surprising I suppose, looking ahead and planning for new developments is a good idea, just a shame that for so many people there’s not all that much interest in general knowledge.

  2. The “purposeful why” of natural events and things is the hallmark of the religiously infected. Where science asks how do things occur, religionsists want to know it’s purpose for them. Specicies-centric thinking from people who vcan’t imagine the universe doesn’t revolve around the human race.

    As for the The corpse plant– I’d tell Xtians that it is god’s way of reminding themthat jesus’ rotting body smelled every bit as bad as anyone elses 3 day old rotting corpse in the middle east’s climate.

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