Magic Potions for Tiny Dicks

All kinds of animals are believed to hold magical properties, some sort of special essence that it is revered for: a bear might be thought of as powerful, a bird as crafty, etc. And, some people believe, if you ingest a portion of that animal, you too can inherit that essence. This yearn to steal the mojo from your favorite animal can lead to a lustful over hunting of some endangered animals.

Poachers have butchered the last adult rhinoceros at a South African game reserve, cutting off her horn and letting her bleed to death, the chief game ranger says.

“Ninety per cent of the world’s rhinos have been slaughtered in the last 40 years to feed the illegal horn trade in China and Vietnam. Poachers can get more per ounce for rhino horns than for gold.”

“Rhino horn has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, although tests reported by National Geographic have shown that it has no special properties and is similar to a fingernail.”

This superstition is known as “homeopathic” or “imitative” magic. Of course, this mode of thinking has the same logical problem that Homeopathic “medicine” has: how do you know which essence it is you will be ingesting? Sure, you may think of the mighty rhinoceros as being a large, powerful, virile animal. But, it also has rough skin. Perhaps using rhino horn will leave you a pasty 90 pound weakling with a flaccid dick, but it turn your skin rough. As with homeopathic medicine, in which a scientifically proven medicine is diluted to an amount so small it can no longer be detected, how do you know that it is the essence of the medicine that the patient will be ingesting  and not the sewer pipe that the water traveled in? Perhaps, instead of clearing up your cough, that homeopathic pill will make your breath smell like poop.

“Although the rhino horn is no more than a fingernail with extra calcium and phosphorus, the horn has been used in Chinese medicine to treat damn near anything.”
-Mark Crislip

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