Jesus Mentioned In Medical Journal

Virology Journal has retracted an article on a Biblical miracle healing by Jesus Christ, man of mystery:

Only weeks after publishing a piece that speculated on a biblical account of a feverish woman cured of influenza by Jesus, the editor of Virology Journal has retracted the paper and apologized for ever running it.

Well, Jesus may have healed the woman … in the story. The story was, after all, was a Biblical story. As in, it only appears in the Bible, the book about the religious figure known as Jesus, where he is shown walking on water, raising people from the dead, and curing a blind man by spitting on him. If the Bible said a 10 foot tall spider cured the woman, well, then a 10 foot tall spider cured her … in the story. So, why would the Virology Journal run an article like this? Seems they were busted by a commenter on their own site:

“it is unclear how this case report meets any of the normal standards of a scientific article or the minimal standards of any journal other than someone actually paid to have it published.”

Sweet! Busted!

Dr Jesus Will See You Now

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One Comment on “Jesus Mentioned In Medical Journal”

  1. the noise you just heard was the total collapse of the credibility of the Virology Journal,

    I doubt even Jebus could resurrect it.

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