Jesus Historians Please Step Up

The Real Jesus Challenge will award a prize of $1,000 to any scholar that can write a 30-100 page essay that demonstrates that Jesus of Nazareth existed. The judges will be Earl Doherty, Robert M. Price, René Salm, and Frank R. Zindler. This should be fun.

I appears that modern Biblical scholarship agrees that there is not enough evidence to conclusively demonstrate that there was a real person behind the Jesus legend, though, for some reason, they still seem to take the stance that he did exist. This does seem a bit unfair to me. If there genuinely is not enough evidence to prove the case, then both mythicist and historicist positions should be weighted equally. As it is, those that adopt a mythicist stance are marginalized in the field.

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2 Comments on “Jesus Historians Please Step Up”

  1. Doesn’t this seem like a way to get a bunch of people to send in $50 dollars?

  2. Victor Says:

    Well any contest with a cash purse has an entrance fee. Covers the cost of the prize and keeps entrants down to serious ones.

    I would say the bigger value of a contest like this is bragging rights for the judges, that are all mythicists.

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