Tea Baggers Killed My Love of Conspiracy Theories

I use to love conspiracy theories until I learned there was such a huge pool of crackpot nut jobs that not only took them seriously, but are willing to make themselves into very public spectacles because of them. It use to be a lot of fun to say claim that the only reason the government required driver’s licensees was to fool Americans to sign up as organ donors, so that the government can take the organs and sell them to China for a profit, and then the organs would be used to make a race of atomic men that would in turn be interbred with space aliens to make super soldiers, but it’s another thing all to together to believe it.

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2 Comments on “Tea Baggers Killed My Love of Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Kassul Says:

    They’re not just space aliens, they’re VAMPIRE space aliens. From space.

  2. it’s all true. I myself donated my spare penis to the atomic man cause.

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