Glenn Beck and the Bat Creek Inscription

Last week Glenn Beck mentioned an ancient historical find, an ancient Hebrew artifact found in America. And, as you all may have guessed, Beck’s history learnin’ is about as good as his political learnin’ : the stone is a fraud. But, of course, it’s all a conspiracy by the Smithsonian to hide “the truth” from the public.

The Bat Shit Crazy Creek Stone was first discovered in 1889 in, you guessed it, Bat Creek Tennessee. But, the controversy surrounding it did not begin until the 1970’s when a scholar proposed that the inscription on the stone was ancient Hebrew, and proof of ancient transatlantic travel – just forget that the Hebrews were far from a sea faring people. Other scholars took their guesses at the language of the inscription: both Cherokee and an early modern writing system known as Coelbren have been suggested.

The inscription was indeed ancient paleo-Hebrew. It just wasn’t done very well, and it definitely was not anciently carved. In 2004 American Antiquity found a depiction in a Masonic inscription book dating to 1870. It was an artist’s depiction of what paleo-Hebrew writing would look like, and it’s peculiar characters matches up with the script found on the stone. It looks as though someone copied the script and tossed it into a burial mound.

The claim that the stone is an ancient American Hebrew inscription is too good to be true to any good hearted Mormon, of course. It would support one of  the wildest assertions of the Book of Mormon, that the ancient Hebrews traveled to America thousand of years ago, doing Evangelical’s claim of a “Christian Nation” one better.

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5 Comments on “Glenn Beck and the Bat Creek Inscription”

  1. I’d be more interested in learning about the rock that Beck and his ilk crawled out from under.
    Why is it that the more vapid and and mindless the right wing religious nut, the more attention they garner?
    Where are the rational Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannities, Glenn Becks, Ann Coulters, Sarah Palins, et al? Have they all gone under ground, or become Democrats?

  2. Victor Says:

    “the rational Rush Limbaughs”


  3. Llewellyn Andrew Says:

    What is funny is that lab test show the inscriptions are ancient yet people would rather believe theorists who still believe that only Asians populated America. This is a commen stumbling block in the scientific world.

  4. Victor Says:

    What lab tests show that the inscriptions are ancient? And how? Inscriptions can’t be dated, as far as I know. They date on formation of letters and word usage. The reason people ‘believe’ that the Americas were populated via Asia is because of the evidence we see: tools, camp sites, skeletons, and now add DNA evidence to the mix, all showing a migration from Asia to America and down the coast. Why would it even make any difference, anyway? Do you really want someone else to have populated the ancient Americas?

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