God of the Week: Atalanta

8/23/10: Atalanta

Atalanta was an ancient Greek goddess, a fleet footed lover of the hunt.

The father of this maiden was Schoeneus, an Arcadian, who, disappointed at the birth of a daughter when he had particularly desired a son, had exposed her on the Parthenian Hill, where he left her to perish. Here she was nursed by a she-bear, and at last found by some hunters, who reared her, and gave her the name of Atalanta. As the maiden grew up, she became a lover of the chase, and was distinguished for her beauty and courage.
– E. M. Berens, “The Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome”

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2 Comments on “God of the Week: Atalanta”

  1. Victor Says:

    Looks like my trigger finger slipped when scheduling this one. Hope you got along ok without a god to worship for three days.

  2. Kassul Says:

    I just started worshipping Glenn Beck. *shrug*

    I think I’ll switch to Atalanta now that she’s up here though.

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