Wall of Separation … done by mirrors

So, are you ready to lose any respect you may have once had for Judaism? By the Wailing Wall, one of the most sacred sites in Judaism, there are large partitions that are placed there solely to keep the men that are praying there separate from the women that are praying there. No, really. But don’t worry. There are plans to make some changes so the women can see over to the men’s area:
“Jewish authorities at the Western Wall hope to replace the existing opaque partition that separates the men’s and women’s prayer areas with one that will enable female worshippers to see into the men’s section but not vice-versa.”
Ok, so why the wall at the wall?
“Mechitzas exist in all Orthodox synagogues because Jewish law prohibits men and women from praying together. It also prohibits men from seeing women during prayer. To help women feel more a part of the service, some synagogues have erected partitions made of one-way mirrors.”
But, women can, and do, stand on chairs to look over into the men’s area, in case there is a family event going on. But, if they are standing on chairs to look over into the men’s area, doesn’t that make the presence of the partition a bit silly? Well, sillier.
To add another layer of oddness to the custom, the mirrors that the aforementioned “some synagogues” use, cannot be used outside at the Wall. It’s too bright. So, there is an attempt to develop a new type of mirror to aid in keeping the custom. So, modern technology is being used to help people keep an ancient superstition. You know, cause that’s what God wants.

Plans to install a mechitza made of one way mirrors were dashed “when we discovered that, in direct sunlight, the one-way effect is ineffective. In the sun, both sides are visible, the rabbi said. “We are working with international experts to find or develop the kind of glass we need,” Rabinovitch said, but declined to give a timetable.

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One Comment on “Wall of Separation … done by mirrors”

  1. No one religion has a monopoly on moronic beliefs.
    It’s happily spread amongst them all equally.

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