The Contactee Movement

Kind of a beautiful video by VanTssel2.
The Contactee Movement of the 1950’s was very interesting phenomenon. It included all the lost searchers we have today, but with a degree of innocence that we just don’t see with the woo mongers of today. People today have learned to be very vague and amorphous with their claims of extraterrestial contact. The Contactee Movement had no such inhibitions. They would just say out right out that they were abducted by the “People From Venus” and flown around the moon on a cosmic sight seeing mission. No special skill was needed to see past their claims. No need to debunk. Just nod your head and move along. Ah, the good ol’ days.
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  1. […] of course) abducted by aliens from outer space. Well, the first one’s that weren’t just outright silly, that […]

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