The Door Knockers and the Demonic Paper

We don’t get much for door knockers in our area anymore. It’s a shame. They can be fun to deal with at times.

The last time we got an early Saturday morning visitor, though, we tried to hand them a FfRF pamphlet, the fun little non-tracts that Dan and Lori have for sale at their site. We figured we could do a little, I’ll take yours if you take mine swap. They wouldn’t take it though. I swear they actually backed away in terror of the little piece of paper. You could see their posture change, and the speaker of the two folder her arms and assumed a cold demeanor. It was very amusing since the “speaker” had to that point been trying to impress us with stories about how she gave speeches in front of large crowds of people, and now she was recoiling from a pamphlet with some other person’s views printed on them.

We did learn later that JWs are highly discouraged from owning any written material not published by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, outside of the odd fix it manual or cook book (talk about repression). This lady did seem to take it to a ridiculous level, though. I don’t believe they’re actually taught that touching the paper itself will harm you. Perhaps it was being out in the world that was agitating her. Life is so scary when you’re not completely surrounded by your own self affirming culture.

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