Geocentrism, Alive and Well

Geocentrism, the belief that the Earth is the center of the universe, is alive and well. And they have a conference to prove it ( in Indiana in November. They will be showing that:

  • There’s “scientific” evidence that the earth is motionless is space (important because the Bible says the earth doesn’t move)
  • that carbon 14 dating shows a young earth
  • the real skinny on the Galileo/Catholic Church debacle !
  • all kinds of other bullshit

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. It is rather evident to anyone that’s read through any decent translation of the Bible (ie, not the “Good News” Bible), that the Earth was flat, the universe revolved around it, and there were multiple layers of the heavens, each inhabited by different celestial beings. It does come to a point where you either have to accept that the writers of the Bible did not have any true insight into the nature of the universe, or you have to dump all modern science all together (which makes me wonder what the hell they are doing presenting carbon 14 dating).

They, of course, feature expert speakers:

  • Robert Sungenis, Ph.D. … in Theology
  • Robert Bennett, Ph.D … in General Relativity, believe it or not. It looks like he last held a position in 1983. Probably a conspiracy behind that.
  • E. Michael Jones, who taught at Saint Mary’s College for one year. “His department, which viewed him as a religious absolutist, decided against renewing his contract after his first year”
  • Monsignor Rick Delano
  • John Salza, a “premier Catholic apologist”
  • Dr Gerry Bouw, does appear to be an astronomer, though geocentricity and the Bible are the only writings I can find by him
  • Martin Selbrede, no qualifications found
  • Mark Wyatt, no qualifications found. Though, he appears to run, a site that calls scientific theories regarding the universe, like gravity, “assumptions”, then piles it on from there. Presto, the Bible is true! No assumptions needed there, apparently.
  • Hugh Miller, no qualifications found

Ancient Hebrew Universe depicted in the Old Testament

The universe as understood in the 16th century. The Earth is depicted as an orb, the layers of heaven surrounding it.

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One Comment on “Geocentrism, Alive and Well”

  1. Kassul Says:

    This is truly an impressive level of evidence denial! I accept that we all do a little bit of that in our lives, hence the need for external checks and such(eg: science), but the sheer force and power of thinking that would be needed to think that the earth is flat? I’m not sure my mind is strong enough for that. I don’t think I could make myself believe something that’s quite this obviously wrong, no matter what the cause is for it.

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