Welcome to the Center of the Earth

Mmmm. Interesting. Interesting, as in, I wonder how far this nutjob got. Far enough to discover that the Earth is actually filled with creamy creamy nougat?

This is a teaser the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition film that you can purchase at http://www.phoenixsciencefoundation.org.

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3 Comments on “Welcome to the Center of the Earth”

  1. You’d think they guy would find another crazy theory to try and make money from,seeing as how Jules verne already did this one. I mean, c’mon…there have already been two scifi movies on this.

    What a buffoon. He doesn’t say what institution he got his PHd from, and his graduate degrees are from a diploma mill called Kennedy Western university: University.http://www.ripoffreport.com/Colleges-and-Universities/Kennedy-Western-Univ/kennedy-western-university-w-928dx.htm

  2. Victor Says:

    Buffoon is right. His website is all about clean energy research until you dig around a bit and see the hollow earth stuff. Not sure if he’s separating his energy “research” donations from the funds for his voyage to the center of the earth, but I highly doubt it.

  3. Victor Says:

    Looks like he went to good old Brigham Young University. Who would have guessed :)

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