Movie Review: Six Days in Roswell

If anyone out there has not seen “Six Days in Roswell”, I would highly recommend it. If you like kitsch, that is. It’s a documentary from Roger Nygard the same director that brought us Trekkies and Trekkies 2 (both classics, though I prefer the first one) and will soon be bringing us The Nature of Existence. 6DiR stars none other that Richard Kronfeld the man that built the Captain Pike chair seen in Trekkies and there is footage of him driving it in the Hopkins Raspberry Fesitval Parade!

Kronfeld, it turns out, has always wanted to be abducted by an alien and he finally accepted that, if he wanted to achieve this goal, he would need to go to where the aliens are: Roswell New Mexico during the 50th anniversary of the infamous UFO crash (I can’t tell you how much I wanted to go).

This doc ranks right up there with Pursuit of Excellence: Ferrets, Helvetica, King of Kong, Monster camp (highly recomended), and We Are Wizards.

I will definitely be making it to the Hopkins Raspberry Fesitval Parade next year to see Richard drive the Captain Pike chair.

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