Richard Dawkins Speaks at the Pope Rally

And makes some very good points. If the Pope wants to claim there are 5,000,000 Catholics in Britain going solely by baptism records, then they must claim Hitler as well who was baptized Roman Catholic.

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3 Comments on “Richard Dawkins Speaks at the Pope Rally”

  1. Dawkins nailed it. This attack on atheists by the pope is a diversionary tactic. That it isn’t obvious to the world is because the world is largely made up of religious asshats.

  2. Victor Says:

    It’s hard to tell what such a superstitious nut job like the pope thinks, they have such a skewed viewpoint of the world. But they definitely trying to divert blame away from themselves.

  3. If the pope could cause a war, without being directly associated with it, in order to divert attention from the failings and obscenities of himself and the catholic church, I’m convinced he would.

    He’s a politician, albeit a bad one… and would “wag the dog” if it could improve the position of his “country” and his own image.

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