Christine O’Donnell and the Witchcraft Claim

This clip from a 1999 episode of  Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect has made the rounds pretty successfully in the last few days. In it, Christine O’Donnell claims that she “dabbled” in a little witchcraft back there in high school. Did she? Or is just blathering to sound all cool?
So, does she appear to know something about witchcraft? Or did she just see a couple of people that may have scared her a little bit? One second she claiming that she actually practiced witchcraft, and the next she says, “I know what they told me they do.” Almost like she’s making it up as she goes along.
One of my fist dates with a witch was on a satanic alter and I didn’t know it … and, i mean, there was a little blood there and stuff like that …
Quite frankly, she doesn’t sound like someone that’s “dabbled”, or gone so far as to have read a book. She sounds like someone that’s heard stories from a church group that’s just as ignorant as she is. She thinks that a witch will, on a first date, bring a girl back to a blood covered Satanic alter? For a picnic? Really? Firstly, that’s just bad manners. Secondly, witches do not worship Satan, he’s a Judeo-Christian creation. But, it probably doesn’t do any good coming from me.It would be nice if a Wiccan said it. So, here’s a Wiccan saying it:
I really have to question what she is talking about because witchcraft and Satanism are two different things… witches or Wiccans do not believe in Satan. We don’t even believe that Satan exists. Satan is a Christian deity of some kind. He is part of the Christian religion not ours. We worship nature; we work very closely with nature. We do not have blood on our altar and we have little to do with Satan. So I don’t know what Ms. O’Donnell is talking about. I wonder if she knows what she was talking about.

Diotima Mantineia from “The Witches Voice”

And, according to Anton Levay, founder of Church of Satan, “sacrifices” in Satanism are purely symbolic.
Yeah, she’s nuts.
Want to learn about how nutty evangelical Christians got over imaginary Satanist cults in the 80’s and 90’s? Read Remembering Satan by Lawrence Wright.
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