Glenn Beck Rewrites Slavery’s History

Don’t worry if you didn’t do well in history. If there’s a camera pointed at you, you can just make it up!

Glenn Beck on slavery:

But it took a long time to start slavery and it started small and it started with seemingly innocent ideas. And then a little court order here and a court order there and a little more regulation here and a little more regulation there and before we knew it, America had slavery. It didn’t come over in a ship to begin with as an evil slave trade. The government began to regulate things because the people need answers, they needed solutions. It started in a courtroom, then it went to the legislatures. That’s how slavery began.

Great, now all the Beck Heads are going to think that slavery was started in America, after it became an independent nation, and by a series of court orders. Arg! Well, if youre dumb enough to watch Glenn Beck, you’re dumb enough to believe him.

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One Comment on “Glenn Beck Rewrites Slavery’s History”

  1. why can’t these religious fucktards actually read a book and learn some fuckin hisotry? Damnit!

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