Creationism vs Geocentrism

Here’s an interesting video by Andromeda’s Wake recording a conversion between him and the folks at TruthfulChristian.

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2 Comments on “Creationism vs Geocentrism”

  1. Kassul Says:

    eh, that seemed too easy >_> I’m surprised that someone could go from citing Hovind to a sort of “huh, Hovind is lying to us all!” attitude so quickly, and without going on to check if AW is just pulling stuff out his (no doubt delightful) ass.

    Then again, if he was the sort of person to want to research and verify statements against bodies of evidence, he probably wouldn’t be citing Hovind in the first place would he? le sigh.

  2. Victor Says:

    Yeah, Hovind is crazy enough. I don’t know how crazy anyone would have to be to actually follow the guy. Makes ‘the blind following the blind’ seem like a pretty good option, comparatively.

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