The Age of Conspiracy Theories

Are we living in the Age of Conspiracy Theories?
They certainly do seem popular lately, not just the trademark of loners and small fringe groups.
With the efficiency of the intertubes, conspiracy theories can get flushed one minute, and be worldwide the next. And, in an age when a TV network named “The History Channels” is okay with playing shows on monsters (not the history of the belief in monsters, but how there is a monster in your back yard right now) and the authenticity of the Kensington Runestone, I kind of get the feeling that no one is particularity interested in the truth anymore.

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2 Comments on “The Age of Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Interesting you should mention the History Channel. I’ve had it with them. Between their moronic conspiracy theory shows, and their “science of the Bible” or “woulda coulda shoula way it happened per the Bible” shit shows, I find myself watching them less and less.

    Youre right, it isn’t history… its pandering to people who wouldn’t knowm history from myth and delusion. I’m just waiting for some religionist 1/2 wit to tell me that Moses parted the red Sea and it was because of wind shear, or some such speculative nonsesne, and he knows it’s fact because he saw it on the History Channel.

  2. Victor Says:

    Yeah, they’re feeding people’s delusions, that’s for sure. Trying to be sensible is getting to be a real uphill battle.

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