The Ballad of Delia Knox

Delia Knox is a pastor from Mobile Alabama that claims to have been miraculously healed after 23 years in a wheelchair at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival.

There are a couple of problems with this claim right off the bat. The sharped eyed among you will notice that her legs don’t look particularly atrophied. Anyone that’s been wheelchair bound for 23 years would have considerable muscular decay in their legs. Walking again wouldn’t be just  a matter of a few nerves reconnecting, the reduction of muscle mass in her legs would make the process a long slow one.

She is also lifting her legs up high in the air, like a (bad) actress hamming it up for a day time soap opera (no offense to day time soap operas intended). And,  for some reason, she has her eyes half shut and mouth agog, like she’s drunk or stoned. You know, if someone can’t walk well, they always look all pie eyed. It’s not like walking again for the first time in 23 years is going to wake anyone up or anything.

Here’s a real individual re-learning how to walk.

Real individuals that heal from years of paralysis take it slowly, don’t lift their legs up high in the air like they’re squishing bugs, and don’t look like they’re strung out on Quaaludes.

While it would be great if there were some invisible being that heals people’s ailments just for asking, the old cane/wheelchair scam is far too old and too well used by the revival circuit to be taken seriously. Did Delia at one time have paralysis in her legs? Probably. But, she wasn’t healed on the spot at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. This kind of thing makes professional wrestling look like classic theater.

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5 Comments on “The Ballad of Delia Knox”

  1. marcab Says:

    Unless you can prove that Delia Knox wasn’t healed on the spot at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival, I believe that you are not in the position to speculate !

  2. Victor Says:

    Reversal of proof of burden? Come on, you can do better than that. That’s an amateur’s game. You could try quoting from scripture, that’ll make it all true.

  3. marcab Says:

    Typical !!!

  4. glock Says:

    While I do believe in God these types of events always repel me. Jesus doesn’t seem to heal as quickly as he used to. And it always seems to be things like back pain, wheelchairs, and internal disorders. Where are the blind or even the dead?

  5. David Says:

    Marcab? What’s typical? Typical that a person would want to know and see the truth rather than blindly accepting something after being fooled time and time again? Typical that a person would ask for documentation? I believe God heals, but the burden of proof is on the person/people who claim a healing. If I were to be healed from something in an amazing way, I would RUSH to my doctor & get him to look at me! I would take the proof & documentation and show it to everyone I met! But no, it’s almost heresy to do such things in Charismatic circles. There seems to be a few documented healing, but the vast majority of them are undocumented and/or the condition comes back within a day or a week. Have you ever noticed that visible, external healing is very rare? Things like limbs growing back, eyes coming back, etc…..they don’t happen. Don’t you think that’s strange? Have you ever noticed that it’s rare that a healing service happens with a quiet laying on of hands and oil with no emotional loud music in the background? Show me one healing service on you tube in which there isn’t deafening rythmic music with people screaming & the leaders shouting some mantra. It’s like God can’t work with simple faith. He has to have the froth and emotion before He says, “ok, now they are in a mindless frenzy…now I can work.”

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