Evidence For God

There’s been some discussion around the atheist blogsphere about what exactly one would accept as evidence for the existence of god, PZ Myers, and Greta Christina famously weigning in. So, there’s no reason for me to do so. But I will.

And just to be a dick, I’m not going to pick anything grandiose. I’ll pick an extremely small, very simple piece of evidence that anything that even comes close to be called a god should be able to do. Certainly one that has the ability to communicate with these petty little creatures down here on earth. Now, by itself, this piece of hypothetical evidence wouldn’t really prove the existence of a god, but it is something that would make me start taking the concept a little more seriously. And, it is a piece of evidence that, from my experience, a lot of Christians either aren’t aware of, or they just don’t really think much about.

Here it is:If every single copy of a religious writing we had and, since I live in American, let’s say the 27 works that make up the New Testament and, let’s narrow it down further to every single ancient copy, were identical, without copyist errors, like many Christian believe that they are, that would strike me as being really weird. It would be the kind of weird that makes you go, “Oh, that’s really weird. That doesn’t follow the normal set of circumstances that you would expect to see from human copyists”. As it is, they look very much like any other ancient writings of a secular nature that people are trying to preserve, with mostly careful well intended work, but quite a few blunders all over the place. There are spelling errors, translation errors, and weird errors that have been given specific names like parablepsis, and homoeoteleuton, that makes them all seem so … not supernatural.

I think Bart Ehrman said something like (paraphrase) why would god perform the miracle of inspiring the texts if he wasn’t going to perform the miracle of preserving the texts.

Or,even if the method of “God some supernatural being transmitting his “word” took some other form than one that human beings had already been doing for a few thousand years, writing it down, usually in the form of edifying stories, on paper/papyrus/stone. I don’t now nor have ever seen anything even slightly eye brow raising about any religious writing. Some of the stories are fun, but then again, I love Zardoz. Have you ever seen it? Fun movie. And, nobody would ever claim that it’s divinely inspired. In fact, me liking something is pretty good proof that it’s not divinely inspired.

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One Comment on “Evidence For God”

  1. Bud Says:

    Dude… I love Zardoz! No one looks as good in hooker boots as Sean Connery.

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