Pope a Bit Slow on the Uptake

Receiving  intense criticism after declaring during a speech in South Africa that condoms made the AIDS situation worse, da Pope has recently admitted that, well, maybe condom use is a little less bad than dying of AIDS. Oh, and this applies to women, too:

Pope Benedict XVI’s comments about condom use being a lesser evil than transmitting HIV also apply to women, the Vatican said Tuesday, a significant shift for a pope who just last year said condoms only worsen the AIDS problem.

So, it took a year for the Pope to finally admit that condoms are better than AIDS? Talk about being slow on the uptake. It’s no wonder their organisation is still in the dark ages. Hell, it took them 193 years to realize Galileo was right, though they still don’t seem to realized that, even if he was wrong, they had no right to imprison him for merely daring to think differently than them.

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