The Inverted Christmas Tree

Oh, the inverted Christmas Tree. Just a quirky little way to make Christmas a little more fun, right? Wrong! It’s an allusion to the inverted cross Peter was crucified on and it’s only purpose it to insert evil and mayhem into your holiday! Awwwww!

Ok, so I haven’t seen any Christians saying this yet, so I thought I would beat them to it. Let’s see if it catches on.

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6 Comments on “The Inverted Christmas Tree”

  1. Kassul Says:

    huh, very surprised that I’d forgotten(or never learned?) that Peter was nailed to an upside down cross. That seems like the sort of thing I *should* have known. wtf me.
    Really ought to get around to reading the Acts of Peter at some point(and perhaps some of the other apocryphal stuff like Thecla’s). I’ve heard bits of stories from Acts of Peter third hand before, but never read the ‘original’

    I’ll admit that I’m a tad concerned about your tree being a deathtrap, especially since there are plenty of young children in my family, but it still looks neat… *cough*

  2. Victor Says:

    The Acts of Peter is a strange book. Peter and Simon Magus have conjuring contests. Reminds me of Exodus in that way, where Moses and the pharaoh to do out do each other.

  3. peter requested an upside down crucifixtion, the story goes, because he said he wasn’t worthy to die like Jebus. What…an X configuration with legs spread apart was already spoken for? What a schmuck.

  4. Inawe Says:

    So.. you guys spend your time reading the bible to be sarcastic? What a waste of brains. I have a feeling you won’t be laughing for that long. I will definitely pray for you all. It is really not funny, you don’t even sound like experts in Bible teachings. You don’t even sound like comedians. Why not use something else to laugh about. How does that sound to your brains?

  5. Victor Says:

    Wonderful. While you’re praying, take notes. See if anything changes because of it. Let me know the outcome! Brains!

  6. Victor Says:

    Kidding aside, though, if they’re anything specific you would like to discuss or debate, let me know. I’ll start a brand new post for you if there isn’t one existing.

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