Waxing Mary

AVMS (Another Virgin Mary Sighting)

Mari Valenzuela says she has been saying the rosary every night for the past several months, but nothing unusual ever happened until the night of December 4th.

… she made an astonishing discovery when she finished praying the rosary earlier this month. She noticed an image of the Virgin Mary formed in candle wax.

Which isn’t really all that amazing, once you consider that the standardized image of the Virgin Mary does look amazingly like a blob of candle wax. It’s not really seeing the Virgin Mary that’s odd, it’s believing an intelligence put it there to freak you out.

Other things it looks like: burnt toast, soot on a highway underpass, tree stumps, bird poop, and vaginas.

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5 Comments on “Waxing Mary”

  1. Sure..the Mary candle wax imagry is a given…but how do yu explain the birth defect deformed baby Jesus she’s holding????

  2. Victor Says:

    Well, Jesus did draw crowds everywhere he went.

  3. yeah. I’m beginning to think he was the side show geek.

  4. Victor Says:

    He was part of a trinity. Perhaps he had three heads?

  5. byrdversion1 Says:

    hahaha…so true. Sometimes people arent willing to open what they see to other possibilities.

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