Movie Review: We Are Wizards

I highly recommend that any and all nerds out there check out the documentary We Are Wizards. It is hilarious. The film follows fans of the Harry Potter series, including several Harry Potter themed rock bands and the operator of a fan page that was sued into oblivion by Warner Brothers.

Brad Neely of “The Professor Brothers” recorded an incredibly funny commentary for the first Harry Potter film called Wizard People, Dear Reader, (download here) and he too, got some interesting letters from the Warner Brothers legal department. He escaped unscathed, though, with a lot of great stories at Warner’s expense.

By far, the strangest person in the movie is this bat shit crazy Christian lady named Caryl Matrisciana that does believe that wizards and black magic are, in fact, real; that it penetrates children’s minds and, I dunno, makes them cut themselves or something. (BTW, nobody else in the movie thinks magic is real). Apparently, she is worthy of inclusion because made a movie intended to scare people away from all things Potter, called Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged. Well, I actually just saw my first Harry Potter film a couple of weeks ago, and it was nowhere near as scary as she was.

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