God of the Week: Prometheus

01/24/2011: Prometheus

Prometheus (meaning “forethinker”), was an ancient Greek god. He was a member of the Titans, the older race of gods eventually displaced by Zeus and his brethren. The oldest written record we have of the myth of Prometheus is from Hesiod’s Theogony, 8th century BCE.

Although a Titan, Prometheus had espoused the cause of Zeus, thus manifesting his native sympathy for law and order; but as he was essentially a nobler type than Zeus himself, he could not long maintain the allegiance. When the chief Olympian found mankind hopelessly faulty and planned to
create a new race in its place, Prometheus broke with him and defiantly became sponsor of the human cause. This generous devotion is the source of his power in myth.

The Mythology of All Races, Volume I: Greek and Roman
by William Sherwood Fox, Ph.D
Louis Herbert Gray, Editor

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