God of the Week: Serket

01/31/2011: Serket

Serket is an ancient Egyptian goddess of healing. She is believed to be a personification of the scorpion.

Selqet (Greek SeX^t?) was symbolized by a scorpion, although in later times she was usually represented in human form. Her name is abbreviated from Selqet Ehut (“Who Cools Throats”),” one of the four goddesses who assist Nuu, the deity of the abyss, and protect or represent the four sources which he sends to the upper world.
-Mythology of All Races, Vol 12
Louis Herbert Gray, Editor

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4 Comments on “God of the Week: Serket”

  1. She looks a lot like Astarte. They must share the same gene pool. Then again, every goddess with hooters when rendered in gold probably look very similar.

  2. Victor Says:

    They weren’t looking at her face when they sculpted her (rimshot)

  3. I wasn’t looking at her face when I remarked on it.

  4. Kassul Says:

    A healing goddess associated with scorpions? I dunno… When I think of healing someone I rarely reach for a scorpion. Especially if I wanted to heal their sore throat(like my own right now)

    A jerboa would make more sense to me. They must have really well protected/tough throats to be able to get by on such little water. Plus they’re *cuter*

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