Cryptozoology – Creationism Link?

Is there a link between holding religious beliefs and other unorthodox belief systems?

I’ve looked at a possible link between Mormonism and the Hollow Earth Theory in another post. It may be a small subset of Mormons that accept the Hollow Earth idea, but it seems that most of the Hollow Earth community are Mormons. This is driven by a statement in an early Mormon text, as well as a strong belief that their religion will someday be proven correct by some great archeological find.

So, is there a link between the search for elusive/mythical monsters such as Bigfoot or extant dinosaurs and young earth creationism?

Ken Ham and a creature he believes to have been a friendly vegetarian

Ideologically, its nothing more than a side step. After all, once the existence of a supernatural creator is accepted without adequate (or any) proof, adding on a side order of Bigfoot fries only costs an addition $0.99.

There is a motive for creationists to be on the lookout for “extinct” creatures. Young Earth Creationist ideology posits that dinosaurs and human beings co-existed in the very recent past. Finding a living pterosaur or the Loch Ness Monster would be seen as proof that dinosaurs did not die out at the end of the cretaceous 65 million years ago.

Creation Ministries International’s web site hosts a story about Theropod and Sauropod dinosaurs being spotted in Papua/New Guinea.

If ever a ‘living dinosaur’ is found and confirmed to the satisfaction of the scientific fraternity, many people would be astonished, given the prevailing evolutionary view that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. Christians, however, should not be surprised, as the Bible teaches that God created the dinosaurs only around 6,000 years ago. So we needn’t be too taken aback if a theropod or sauropod dinosaur is ever confirmed to be living in the world today.

While this story does seem to point to a strong link, it simply would not follow to say that the field is composed entirely of creationists. The folks over at Crytomundo, the top rag for cryptozoology,  state that they are not overly thrilled with creationists attempting to use cryptids as proof that the world is only 6,000 years old and they speak of conflict in some sectors because of it.

Their data regularly reinforces their theories, and gets translated immediately into their objective being reinforced ~ i.e. to prove that dinosaurs were only created 6,000 or so years ago.

This naturally causes a lot of conflict in some quarters …

I would like to know what percentage of cryptozoologists are YECs.

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7 Comments on “Cryptozoology – Creationism Link?”

  1. Kassul Says:

    See, just not sure I understand how a living dinosaur would instantly mean evolution is wrong and God made it all 6000 years ago.

    The fact that there are still coelecanth swimming around doesn’t mean that they and other living things didn’t evolve (and aren’t currently evolving!).

    I suppose a pack of t-rex and some sauropods with a supporting ecosystem that’s quite similar to what we figure would be there 65 million years ago would be a bit more dramatic… I still think I’d be more likely to assume a Jurassic Park scenario(maybe aliens did it for perverse reasons of their own!) than assume that whoops, everything we’ve learned about evolution over the past couple hundred years is wrong.

    A living colony of plesiosaur someplace would be pretty awesome, but I’m fairly confident they’d be related to all the other living things on the planet too, and that we could test that.

  2. Victor Says:

    Hey, they’re creationists, they don’t have good logic skills.

    Personally, I think they’ve all seen one too many episodes of the Land of the Lost.

  3. jim Says:

    the guy on top of the page. i is so off subject example look a the sharp teeth . everybody who think they where friendly and specialy vegetarien are mentally retarded

  4. jim Says:

    plus family guy says that creationism are below mental retardetion

  5. Mesha Says:

    Just a thought maybe there were more than one type of humans in the hollow earth and even though they were advance due to another type of human the others banished humans to where we live now like the garden of Eden type story. It may explain things like the pyramids and many languages. The bible tells us that Babylon fell and gave us many languages maybe when we were banished to this land we were separated by language to make it hard to relearn everything and advance to the same type of advanced people of hollow earth so that they did not go back and wage war on them.

  6. Victor Says:

    Why do the pyramids (Egyptian?) or languages need to be “explained”? Are you not satisfied with modern historical or linguistic theories?

  7. Taiga Says:

    Actually its more the theory that dinosaurs existed more recently and coexisted with man is more logical than the evolutionist view that man evolved from primordial soup. There is also significant historical evidence in numerous cultures to back up the dinosaur theory. And by the way, there is new evidence, published in numerous articles in the Scientific American, within the last five years that the once honored time frame for carbon dating in 100’s of thousands of years off. I guess some people are not open to new facts. Ignorance is bliss!

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