God of the Week: Zalmoxis

3/14/2011: Zalmoxis

Zalmoxis was an ancient Thracian religious leader who was believed to be the one True god incarnate on earth. Ancient historians Herodotus and Zenon both recored that Zalmoxis was trained by Pythagoris. After gaining a following, Zalmoxis retreated to a cave in a holy mountain and was believed dead by his followers. Once he returned after three years many considered him resurrected. The exact dates of Zalmoxis’ life is not known, though he is mentioned in the works of Plato (428 to 348 BCE) and Herodotus (484 to 425 BCE).

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One Comment on “God of the Week: Zalmoxis”

  1. Gloria Says:

    What a mockery to use such gross painting supposing is a deity … let’s say it is Moises – you folk got to search a bit more for the art of Getae, Dacians and Thracian before you post such abominations online

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