ID and Creationism on Campus

Bill Zedler, Texas legislator, has drafted a bill to protect creationists against workplace discrimination (HB 2454). Why? I have not heard of any cases of creationists being discriminated against in the workplace (there are several creationists where I work, a technical field in which they do just fine). And,  historically, anti-discrimination bills tend to get voted against by the right wing. So, what’s the purpose of this bill? Zedler let’s it slip in this interview with Mother Jones.

MJ: The bill basically deals with the treatment of creationists as a matter of workplace discrimination. It got me thinking about other efforts to deal with that issue, such as legislation that prohibits workplace discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation, or marital status. A lot of states have laws outlawing that type of discrimination, but Texas doesn’t. Do you think that it should?
BZ: Gender identity? You know, yeah, before I authored the bill I would have to think about it a little bit.
MJ: Do you see a reason to protect creationists but not. . .
BZ: Here’s the deal: We have college professors that will defend Hugo Chavez, ok? You have college professors that will espouse communism despite all the evidence of its overwhelming failure. And yet they are tolerated, but someone who even dares to mention intelligent design or who questions the idea that life could begin by chance, they are kicked out, lose their tenure, all kinds of discrimination working against them. I think that flies in the face of academic freedom.

The plan to get Creationists and Intelligent Design’ers into public universities is known as the Wedge Strategy, and it’s a long term plan to try to give their ideology a sense of academic respect. It hasn’t worked, though. Not because they were being discriminated against, though, but because their “science” hasn’t been any good.

So, since they can’t rely on their science, not they wan’t to legislate their way into the schools.

Hector Avalos gave a talk about the subject with Minnesota Atheists a few years ago and it should be required viewing. It describes the attempt to get Intelligent Design into Iowa State University. It describes why the attempt failed, and clearly shows the ID’ers were not being discriminated against. They just weren’t doing good science.

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One Comment on “ID and Creationism on Campus”

  1. said it before, will say it again: the informal motto of “Don’t mess with Texas” would better be phrased:

    “Dont Mess with Texas, We’re alreay Fucked up enough!”

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