Modern Christian Mythology: Prayer is Banned in Public School

Is Prayer Banned in Public School?

When I was in kindergarten, our teacher would enforce a mandatory prayer time for class every afternoon. Officially, it was supposed to be snack time, a cup of milk and a graham cracker. She would walk up to the door, close it, dim the lights. She would then walk around the room, checking on each and everyone one of us to make sure we all had our hands clasped and heads lowered. I didn’t really know what to pray for since I already had a graham cracker, but I did know that I felt pretty damn uncomfortable. Like I needed to pretend to be religious. All I did, though, was wait anxiously to not have to pose anymore.

Once I got older and learned about Murray v Curlett, I realized that what our teacher did was illegal. As well it should be. More so, I realized that she knew it was illegal. It was the only time she closed the door to the classroom. Even if everyone in the class was a Christian, no one else should tell you to pray on cue.

And that is what Murray v Curlett was all about. It does not stop a Christian from praying in any way shape or form. It does (or should) stop teachers from intimidating children. I took it all pretty easy; after all, I was only an atheist. If I actually had a belief in another religion, I would have been terrified that my god was going to punish me.

Murray v Curlett has been the bane of evangelical Christian groups since 1963. They talk of it as the ruling that banned prayer in  public school. Prayer is not banned. School sanctioned prayer is, i.e., a prayer that is actually led by school staff, announced over the intercom, etc. Students can feel free to pray as they wish (speaking in tongues in the middle of biology is a bit rude), and students can lead other students in prayer.

So, what aspect of this ruling is difficult to understand? If it wasn’t for the constant barrage of misinformation from church groups, nothing. Christians do not feel the need to fall down on their knees and pray in the middle of Wal-Mart, or at restaurants and movies. So, some part of them does knows about appropriate behavior. But, if you tell a people they’re oppressed, they can come to believe it’s true, even if all the evidence says otherwise.

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