Earliest Christians Texts Just Discovered?

Well, you’ve got to sell a story some how. This is a neat one, though. Some tiny books made of wire bound lead sheets have been recently discovered (well, 5 years ago), and they appear to be of a Judea-Christian bent:

The find of scrolls and 70 lead codices – tiny credit-card-sized volumes containing ancient Hebrew script talking of the Messiah and the Resurrection – has excited biblical scholars.

Much of the writing is in code, but experts have deciphered images, symbols and a few words and the texts could be 2,000 years old.

Some academics are sceptical about the discovery because there have been numerous hoaxes and sophisticated fakes produced over the years.

Many of the codices are sealed which suggests that they could be secret writings referred to in the apocryphal Book of Ezra – an appendage to some versions of the Bible.

Neat stuff. I’m always interested in early Christian history. Mostly because, the earlier you go, the more bat shit insane they get. Think fundamentalists that believe the earth is flat and the sky is built up in layers like an onion. So, the book may say something like that, or they could prove that Jesus was the son of god … but, that would just be silly.


Well, what do you know, they are frauds. A fraud! In Christianity! Never.

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