Planet X in Full Swing

I first heard about Planet X (the doomsday scenario in which a runaway planet is going to collide with the earth) sometime in the late 90’s. But, I have just learned that this little theory is back in full swing. There is, as it seems, a member of my gym that is preparing for the upcoming disaster right now. How you prepare for a planetary collision, I don’t know. But it sounds like he’s stocking up on water and candles … granola bars …. and whatever else doomsdayers stock up on.

When I had first heard of it, I was working a night job, and taking college classes in the day. I had my notes from my Astronomy class taped up to my work station, so I could glance at them throughout the night. Some asked if I was studying for a test, I said yeah. Go ahead and ask me something about astronomy. I’ll see how well I can explain it. Ok, he had a question. “Can a star, be a planet?” I suddenly became very sorry I got engaged in the conversation.

“Well … not really. Why do you ask?”

He then went on to tell me about this planet that was heading toward earth, blah blah blah … At some point he said they he had visions of himself driving a flying saucer on this new planet.

Anyway, the scenario is not quite as old as I had thought. Turns out it was pretty new when I heard it, around 1996-7. Some woman from Wisconsin, Nancy Lieder, claimed she was getting telepathic communication from space aliens. Why they decided to trust in her, I don’t know.

The actual name Planet X, comes from a hypothetical planet beyond Neptune, thought to have existed because of a little deviation in the orbit of the Neptune. Planet X is just a place holder name until they actually find it (which they, o course, never did). Duck Dodger in the 24 1/2 century found it though. And, of course, Godzilla was beamed up to Planet X in Godzilla vs Monster Zero.

The Wikipedia page on the doomsday scenario is pretty good, and Phil Plait has a pretty thorough post from 2003 about the whole hullabaloo. Hop on over there to get the skinny, it’s pretty entertaining. Not to ruin it for you, but the woman is nuts.


Here’s a “perfectly sane” video laying out the skinny.

Space aliens came to earth to teach us to stack bricks and scrawl on clay tablets. Perfectly sane!

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5 Comments on “Planet X in Full Swing”

  1. Hank Fox Says:

    EditFreak here.

    derivation = deviation.

    hole hubalu = whole hullabaloo

    (And if you fix those bits and then delete this comment, I won’t mind at all.)

    But: Good post.

  2. Victor Says:

    Thanks, unpaid editors come much appreciated!

  3. Ya know… if you mentioned that the woman with the telepathic communications from aliens was nuts at the beginning, it could have saved me some time…and unneccessary consternation. ;)

  4. Victor Says:

    I guess I should have mentioned that right off the bat.

  5. Kourtney Says:

    Don’t count on those arrangements. If they worked out one of the CUTEST childhood romances would have been Heidi and MATTHEW VanderMeer. They wo;81n&#l2d7ut even stay in the church nursery happily without eachother. I’m GLAD Reuben entered the picture! Mom K.

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