Yes, “Paul” is Great. Go See It Already

I will admit, that I was a bit hesitant to see Paul for awhile. Mostly because I loved Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz so much. Secondly, the previews really didn’t do it justice. But, rest assured, it’s fantastic.

I wasn’t sure if Pegg and Frost would pull off their third film together without Edgar Wright directing and co-writing. What if it was Wright that was the funny one? True, Paul isn’t quite in the league with their first two, but it’s pretty damn close. Plus, it’s pretty atheisty (heard a Christian shout “It’s not funny!” at the screen at one point), and skeptical, as well as being fun sci fi.

I’m not particularly a fan of Seth Rogen, who voiced the alien Paul, so if I were to pick on anything about it film it would be his performance. But, quite frankly, the rest of the film is so good, his shtick works just fine, i.e., he doesn’t Robin Williams it to death (others think otherwise, but they all seem to be people that have seen far too much Seth Rogen, for some reason).

Anyway, plot: two British nerds rent an RV and drive across America to visit famous UFO sights, and wind up picking up a mouthy space alien. All fine, but then they pick up a Fundy, and it gets great.

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One Comment on “Yes, “Paul” is Great. Go See It Already”

  1. sunnyskeptic Says:

    It was AWESOME!!! Thanks for being my date… :)

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