Quirk-a-mentaries: Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

With Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie, I was originally expecting more of a quirky fun documentary about a couple of Bigfoot “researchers” running around in the dark scaring themselves, kind of like the Ghost Hunters show on SyFy. Instead I found what I saw as a sad character study of a couple of small town guys in search of fame.

The documentary follows two men, Dallas and Wayne (not to be confused with Dallas Wayne, the country singer), that live in a small town in southern Ohio. And they definitely want there to be a Bigfoot. Bad. And they genuinely do believe that taking random photos in the woods, then scanning them for dark blurry patches afterwards counts as “research”.

That, of course, is part of the frustration when dealing with believers in the paranormal: they will never own up to the flaws in their methodology. Largely, I believe, because they never thought of following any method in the first place. They talk endlessly about the times they’ve “seen” Bigfoot, and you start to wonder if they’re having honest to goodness visual hallucinations. Then, the more they talk, you realize they’ve never seen Bigfoot. They’ve only heard a noise, or they’ve seen snapped twigs, all the while forgetting that a few non-Bigfoot animals do live in the woods, too.

To give them some credit, they have taken at least one photo that looked pretty good. A notorious picture of a “black” Bigfoot in a swamp. Still an optical illusion, but a good optical illusion. Of course, taking blurry photos for ten years is sure to garner a few blobs that look pretty cool.

Surprisingly, it looks as though the duo are now being featured in their own television show, Dallas and Wayne: The Bigfoot Hunters!  and they already have a season under their belt. Although I have not been able to find any channels or times for it. Perhaps it’s a local show? They do have a Page on Facebook (Dallas and Wayne) as well as a web page (Dallas and Wayne).

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2 Comments on “Quirk-a-mentaries: Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie”

  1. Semi retarded, religionist old fools. But hey, if they can get some station to pick them up and give them publicity it likly will be the highpoint of their lives.

  2. Victor Says:

    Kind of you to throw in the adjective “semi”.

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