Huckabee’s Master and Biblical Slavery

Mike Huckabee has recently made an ass of himself (again) by publicly stating that everyone should be forced at gun point to watch the mind numbing Christian pseudo history of  David “I do not have a degree in history” Barton:

“It seems Mike Huckabee thinks highly of David Barton, so highly in fact that during his opening monologue he suggested that everyone should be made to sit in front of their TVs, at gunpoint no less, and be forced to watch every broadcast that David Barton should give.”

Pretty grand vision of a country based on freedom, huh?

David Barton’s website, Wallbuilders, a site that agues for America’s Christian founding, has a humdinger of an aricle on a proud bit of American history: slavery.

Why on earth would the good god fearing Christian founders own slaves?

From the article:

”The Bible teaches that slavery, in one form or another (including spiritual, mental, and physical), is always the fruit of disobedience to God and His law/word.”

That’s right, it’s not their fault. Nope, it’s our fault. Sweet. This sentiment is exactly what I like least about the hyper-religious: the failure to take responsibilities for their own problems. And, in this case, it’s not even one of their own problems. They’re passing the buck for someone else. But, they’re passing it for a group they are trying to claim as their own. They want to paint early Americans as model fundamentalist Christians in an effort to paint America’s founding as a Christian movement. But, the founding fathers had slaves, a behavior frowned upon today. What to do? Excuse the behavior? Nope, blame atheists and other religions.

“Slavery is a product of the fall of man and has existed in the world since that time. Slavery was not a part of God’s original created order, and as God’s created order has gradually been re-established since the time of Christ, slavery has gradually been eliminated.”

Talk about pulling something out of your ass. Being that they’re basing their entire world view around a fictitious age of the earth, I suppose they might as well make up a fictitious history for it. Just be careful you don’t fall off the edge of this 6,000 year old flat disc.

But wait, weren’t the Hebrews slaves in Egypt (they weren’t, but according to “Biblical history” they were)? Well, I did happen to notice that when it comes to the Hebrews, they refer to them as “indentured servants”, and reserve “slaves” for the pagans.

They sum up the love letter with a taste of Leviticus 25:44-46, a passage that excuses taking slaves from “the nations that are around you” (meaning anyone that wasn’t Hebrew, of course). It’s true, Leviticus does say that. They may have known how to write, but the authors of Leviticus were still a bronze age people with bronze age morals. Looking back on their writings, throwing your hands up in the air and exclaiming that we can’t do any better than that is just asinine. We have 3,000 years of history to learn from. Ignoring all that we’ve learned in that time turns us into cavemen.

I’ve always thought it funny that fundamentalist Christians don’t accept the Theory of Natural Selection, because they can sure act like animals.

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