Trimming Christ’s Nails

It seems that finding a portion of the “one true cross” just isn’t enough anymore. An archeologist (of dubious merit), Simcha Jacobovici, known as the Naked Archeologist, is claiming to have unearthed the actual nails used to hang the Christian figure head to the crucifix. Do they turn ordinary well water into Pinot Noir? No.

Besides the failure to turn water into something desirable to drink, there are other problems. Not only are ancient nails a dime a dozen, theses nails in particular were found in a priest’s tomb (not substantiated as to who), lost, re-found 20 years later, only then to be hailed as Jesus’s crucifixian nails. Simcha has made similar: he found the Family Tomb of Jesus in 2007. And right before Easter, too.
See Dr Robert Cargill’s blog for more details.

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