Man Attacks Photograph with Hammer

In a rather pointless exercise, a man in France decided to attack a photograph with a hammer. Why would someone do something so utterly stupid and pointless? Because the man was a Catholic, and the photograph was a work known as Piss Christ.

“The modern art museum, the Collection Lambert, in southern France, said an assailant destroyed the photograph by American artist Andres Serrano, “Immersion (Piss Christ)” on Sunday and apparently accidentally damaged another of the artist’s works while struggling with a guard.”

Why is it so pointless? Because, it’s a photograph! Another copy can be printed off at any time. He may as well as deleted a file from his own computer. Only he wouldn’t have been tackled by a museum guard for that act.

Unfortunately the vandal got away.

The group denounced the photograph on its Web site, saying it “insults and injures Christians at the heart of their faith.”

Yeah, I’m sure it does. And with a faith that fragile, I can’t wait until he learns about Chocolate Jesus.

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One Comment on “Man Attacks Photograph with Hammer”

  1. Then I guess my sculpture entitled “Dog Shit Jesus Getting it Up the Ass with a Dildo” is really going to irk the Christian faithful.

    Oh well. I’ll sleep well tonight anyway.

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