God of the Week: Horus

04/25/2011: Horus

The ancient Egyptian god Horus is one of the longest continuously worshipped gods in the world. He was the sun god, often depicted the head of a hawk. The pharaoh was symbolized as Osiris in life, and as Horus in death.

The Osirian celestial triad was completed by the addition of Horus (Egyptian IJor, Horn), a solarized deity with the form or, at least, with the head of a hawk (more exactly, perhaps, a falcon) and possessing, as we have said (p. 24), too many temples for us to determine his original localization.

He was incorporated into the Osirian family by being interpreted as the young rising sun in opposition to the dying evening sun as Osiris; in other words, since Horus was such an important god that he could not be subordinate to his father, he was explained as Osiris reborn in the morning or in the proper season.
-The Mythology of All Races, Vol XII, Egyptian and Indo-Chinese
by W Max Muller, Louis Herbert Gray, Editor

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2 Comments on “God of the Week: Horus”

  1. Jesus is Lord Says:

    This is some seriously satanic stuff right here.
    There is only ONE God and this piece of dust is not him.

  2. necroguy Says:

    ok, I agree

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