Birther Book, a Bit Too Late

Wing Nut Daily founder Joseph Farah will soon release a book on the ‘Birther’ conspiracy theory. But, since Obama has just released his long form birth certificate, it’s a bit like publishing a book on crop circles the day after Doug and Dave went public.

The comments by Farah underscore Obama’s observation Wednesday that hard-core birthers are unlikely to be persuaded by any evidence, no matter how compelling. “I know that there’s going to be a segment of people for which, no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest,” Obama said at a White House press event to release the birth certificate.

Well, yeah. That’s kind of the definition of a conspiracy theory, isn’t it? A stupid idea that holds on despite the evidence instead of because of it.

Take the ‘UFOs build the pyramids’ people. There are a bunch of bricks stacked up in the desert, albeit large ones. Stacking bricks is something humans have done both before and after. The bricks were quarried right around the corner from the building site. There were earlier attempts at stacking bricks in this manner that failed. The rulers at the time were supreme dictators with huge egos. In no way could anyone look at the evidence and come to the conclusion that they were build by extraterrestrials. Unless, of course, you also assume that the extraterrestrials in question were no more intelligent than the people here on earth.

I have a theory, though, than is supported by the evidence. I propose that there is no way in hell that this man’s mustache is real. It’s just just drawn on with a marker, isn’t it?

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2 Comments on “Birther Book, a Bit Too Late”

  1. The instant I heard the announcement this a.m., I said to my wife: “Now they will say its a forgery..a conspiracy on the part of the white house and Hawaii.”
    Twenty mins later fuckin Trump said, “ we haveto examine it to see if it’s authentic.” Fucknut!! There is noend to idiocy. 911 conspiracy, area 51 conspiracy, on and on and on.

  2. Victor Says:

    Crazy people have to keep busy, too.

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