Video Killed the Bigfoot Star

Will There Ever be Another Decent Bigfoot Sighting?

The problem with Bigfoot, is that it’s an incredibly technology dependent hoax. And, as technology changes, the ability to capture a good Bigfoot shot changes with it. The best Bigfoot sighting requires video recording equipment of a particular low quality. In the case of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film, by far the most notorious example of a Bigoot sighting, an 8mm movie camera with a manual focus and variable film speed settings.

8mm film is of low enough quality, especially when just out of focus, that even a detailed enlargment will not give an investigator a greater degree of clarity, leaving details of the sighting up to guess work. The analog fuzziness can give the impression of detail that isn’t there (like pendulous breasts on the Patterson-Gimlin film), and adequately fuzz out detail that is there (like any flaws in a costume). And an unknown speed setting can make the swift walk of a man look very much like the slow lumbering walk of a very large animal. Modern digital video, on the other hand, has a time stamp. So, even if a played at the wrong speed, the correct speed can be determined by examining the file.

Even low quality cell phone cameras with Auto Focus just don’t light up the imagination like a good fuzzy film shot. A little vaseline on the lense might have helped.

Night vision shots of animals with skin diseases (MangeFoot?) are probably the best Bigfoot modern technology has to offer. But, it’s really disappointing to see such a majestic animal as Bigfoot crawling around on all fours eating carrion.

So, in the 21st century, Bigfoot seems to have returned to whence he came, back into the realm of footprints in the woods.

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3 Comments on “Video Killed the Bigfoot Star”

  1. WTF are you saying???!!!~ That there is no Bigfoot???!!! Next thing you’ll be saying is there is no GOD, and Jesus was just a regular dead Jewish guy.

  2. Victor Says:

    Oh, I hope I don’t come across as skeptical!

  3. SKEPTICAL?? I’d call it damn blasphemous.

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