A List of “End of the World” Predictions

For your amusement, A few predictions of the “End of the World”.  I don’t believe any of them have been successful.

Movement Date Method of Destruction Method of Prophecy
Assyrian 2800 BCE
Ancient tablet mentions “signs” of the end
Early Christians 50 to 100 CE Jesus Jewish Scripture (Old Testament)
Montanist Christians 200 Jesus Bible (gJohn) and private revelations
Christians 1000 Jesus Christian Bible
Pope Innocent III 1161 to 1216 CE Muslims Xenophobia
John of Toledo 1179 Alignment of the Planets Telescope
London Astrologers 1524 flood Bad Astronomy
Anabaptists 1533 Jesus
Michael Stifel 1533 Jesus Bible (Revelations)
Edwin Sandys Soon (16th century) Jesus
Martin Luther Soon (16th century)

Fifth Monarchy Soon (1661) Jesus Bible (Daniel)
William Miller & The Millerites March 21, 1843 to March 21, 1844 Jesus Bible (Daniel)
William Miller & The Millerites 10/22/1844 Jesus Bible (Daniel)
Ellen White (7th Day Adventists) 1850 Jesus
Charles Taze Russell (Jehovah’s Witness) 1874 Jesus
Charles Taze Russell (Jehovah’s Witness) 1878 Jesus
Claas Epp, Jr (Mennonite) 03/08/1889 Jesus
Joseph Smith (LDS) 1890 Jesus
Jehovah’s Witness 1914 Jesus
Assemblies of God Church During WW1 Jesus
Jehovah’s Witness 1918 Jesus Bible
Jehovah’s Witness 1925 Jesus Bible
Assemblies of God Church 1934 Jesus Bible
Jehovah’s Witness 1952 Jesus Bible
Mrs. Keech’s UFO Group 12/21/54 flood Automatic Writing (via aliens from Clarion)
Branch Davidians Soon (1955) Jesus Bible
Charles Manson (The Family) Soon (1969) Race War Bible (Revelations)
The Jupiter Effect (book) 1974 Alignment of the Planets Poor Astronomy
Jehovah’s Witness 1975 Jesus Bible
Jean Dixon 1980’s Comet Psychic Prediction
Hal Lindsey 1988 Jesus Bible (Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelations)
Harold Camping 09/06/94 Jesus Secret messages in The Bible
Nostradamus 1999 ? Psychic Prediction
Harold Camping 05/21/2011 to 10/21/11 Jesus Secret messages in The Bible
Gullible Movie-Goers 12/21/12 ? Mayan Calendar
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4 Comments on “A List of “End of the World” Predictions”

  1. […] time, after they are gone people seldom remember them once they’re past. I’ve compiled a short list of doomsday predictions throughout history (and this is a very short list). But, more will come. It seems to be as […]

  2. Victor Says:

    “fake prophets”

    That’s a bit redundant

  3. 1001sondages Says:

    You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

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