Scrub You, Jesus!

Pareidolia no more! A cleaner at a church in Wiltshire England has (inadvertently or not) cleaned up a pile of wax drippings that had formed into an image of their lord and savior, Jesus Christ. No word yet on whether the church will survive this tragedy:

An “image of Jesus” seen in dripped wax by worshippers at a church in Wiltshire has been removed by a cleaner.

The face was first spotted by a church warden at the parish church of Ogbourne St George at Easter.

The image, described as a a man with a long beard, was formed by candle wax dripping from the church’s pulpit.

Created over a four-month period, the wax image was apparently removed by a diligent cleaner last week, although nobody has owned up.

Personally, I don’t think it looks like Jesus, at all. I think  it looks a bit more like John Rhys-Davies vomiting up a rather large meal.


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