Book Review: 5/5/2000: Ice the Ultimate Disaster

Remember when the world ended in May 2000? Ah, that was fun. Good times, good times. Seriously, though, this book is really really bad. But, kind of fun. Well, a lot of fun. At least it was when I read it back in high school. This is what you did before the ‘History Channel’ started playing all their horrendous pseudo-history docs: you read horrendous pseudo-history books. And trust me, not one single thing in this book makes sense: dinosaurs being used as beasts of burden to build the pyramids, which had giant generators in them, built by aliens that interbred with humans, etc.

I’m pretty sure the book is a joke, actually. I mean, I really don’t think anyone could believe all the stuff in this book and still be capable enough to write a book and get it published. It really throws every crack pot theory under the sun at you, and them some. A google search for the author turned up nothing but this book, so I’m pretty sure it was just a work for hire by an author using a pseudonym. Not sure if the name has a hidden meaning or not. Richard Noone? Dick No-One? Anyway, it is a fun read if you can find a cheap copy and you’re in the mood for some craziness. He should write a sequel: 5/5/2015: No, Really This Time.

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One Comment on “Book Review: 5/5/2000: Ice the Ultimate Disaster”

  1. Eloise Says:

    Sara: le problème, c'est que le héros est totalement transparent… Or moi ce qui m&;sr#inté9es3e dans un livre, c'est plus les personnages que l'histoire, donc…Delphine: je ne peux pas te répondre pour mes collègues. Moi, je bosse avec un minimum de technologie, juste un traitement de texte dans lequel j'ai un fichier glossaire que je complète au fur et à mesure (mais mes éditeurs le recopient ensuite sur tableur). Pour le reste, je me fie à ma mémoire qui est très bonne.

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