Tim Minchin in Minneapolis!

In case you haven’t heard, all you skeptical music lovers, skeptics that loves music, or … inherently rhythmic skeptics in search of a good time, Tim Minchin has survived Bonnaroo and is heading to Minneapolis (as I type, I’m sure, since he will want to get here early to scale our many large cherry displays and pose with our many Snoopy’s).  In his spare time, he will be performing at the Pantages Theater, Saturday July 16th .

Gotta Think About It?

And, of course, the local skeptic and atheist communities will be convening at a local pub after the show. Possibly something rhyming with O’Bonovans, though getting skeptics to agree is pretty difficult. Watch the meetup page for details.


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One Comment on “Tim Minchin in Minneapolis!”

  1. Kassul Says:

    He’s a pretty cool sounding guy with loads of great music. I’d love the opportunity to see him live, quite jealous of your good fortune.

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