God of the Week: Enlil

07/18/2011: Enlil

Enlil was an ancient Sumerian god. He was the god of breath and breadth (not sure if they sounded similar in ancient Sumerian). Enlil played a part in the creation of human beings, but later attempted to kill them with a flood because of the noise they created.

It is evident that Enlil is more than the personal earth regarded as a solid substance ; he is rather the god of all the forces and life that move on and in the earth, hence he is ” the lord of winds.” p197

A most potent word is the name of the divinity, and the partial apotheosis of the name itself is a strange religious phenomenon, which also originated in the domain of magic, and has played a momentous part in the Egyptian, Judaic, Christian, and other high religions. It appears also in Mesopotamian religion. In a hymn to Enlil we find the phrase : “at thy name, which created the world, the heavens were hushed of themselves.” p322

Greece and Babylon, Lewis Richard Farnell

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  1. […] is an ancient Babylonian god. He is the son of the god Enlil and lord of the underworld. “And the men of Babylon made Succoth-benoth, and the men of […]

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